Welcome and Thank you

Hey guys!

If you are here…Well…WOW. Thank you so much!

It’s really and amazing thing for me to know that you’re reading my Blog and that you’ve subscribed to my newsletter, which means that you are hungry for inspiration and knowledge like I am. 😀 And, thank you for putting your faith in my work!

If you don’t find what you are looking for, please let me know what you think that I should include. I don’t consider myself a know-it-all we are all learning day after day. Just as I hope that my posts will inspire you, I also believe that you can inspire me.

I love talking about the people who inspire me and their work, so be brave and expect a big shout-out if you teach me something that makes my mind explode!

For the time being, let me introduce to you a site that really helps me expand my horizons https://curiositydaily.com/

Every information that I give to you guys on this Blog is free from my side (in other words, I don’t receive commission for anything that you buy) – i just let you know the things that I use and that have helped me during these years. 🙂 Hope they help you too.

“To be an Inspiration for others, firstly you have to learn how to enjoy your own life.”

Ivana, author of the Influential Movement